New Improved Application Process for U.S. Visas in China

A new visa application
system will be implemented in China starting on March 16, 2013 to streamline and
improve all aspects of the nonimmigrant visa application process for Chinese
  Under this new system, visa
applicants will only pay a single visa fee of USD$160 and no other additional
  Visa applicants will also be able
to apply, make payments, make visa appointments, and check status online.
  The new system is part of the U.S. Embassy’s
plan to continually improve service to Chinese visa applicants.
  More than 1.34 million nonimmigrant visa
applicants were processed in 2012 in China, representing a 34% increase from
  These include business visas (B1),
tourist visas (B2), student visas (F-1), vocational study visas (M-1), exchange
visitor visas (J-1), etc.
   The main
changes in the application process are summarized in the following table:
Process for U.S. Visa Applications in China

Before March 16, 2013

After March 16, 2013


3 fees: 1) Appointment – 54
RMB or 36 RMB; 2) Visa processing fee – USD$160; 

3) Postage – around 32 RMB

Only 1 fee: USD$160


Appointments can be made by

our new Call Center

Appointments can be made
online by yourself or by

phoning our new Call Center

Ways to Pay:

Payment of $160 can only be
done at CITIC Bank

Three ways to pay – 1) Online
– via debit or credit card 2) At any CITIC ATM through Union Pay 3) In cash
at CITIC Bank


Pay to inquire for
visa information with the Call Center

Visa questions are answered
for free when you phone the Call Center


If you have to cancel your
appointment, you will need to pay for another appointment

No need to pay to make

appointment if the first one is missed;
can reschedule for free.

Picking up Passports:

No way of tracking your
passport after visa is issued

Applicant will receive e-mail
notification when passport is ready for pick-up. Can also check online

of February 14, 2013, the number of days for scheduling B1/B2 and F/M/J visa
appointments are as follows:  5 days for
Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai ad Shenyang; 11 days for Chengu.  


  • Phone Consultations
  • Weekend/Evening Appointments
  • Out of State Services
  • VISA/MC/AE Accepted

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